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Myron Golden

Access to the resources that changed my life!

Myron is in high demand as a speaker and trainer in the areas of sales, marketing, business development, and financial literacy with over 27 years of experience. He is also a best-selling author, a songwriter and the owner of a record label. His students are experiencing exponential business growth. And he can show anyone how to turn his or her passion into profits. He teaches everyday people to become wealthy, often using skills they already have. 
Now he is ready to teach you how to duplicate his success and that of his student's success.

"From The Trash Man to Cash Man"
by Myron Golden


From The Pit of Poverty 
To The Peak of Prosperity

  • This is a book about Principles. Principles that have the potential to make you richer than you ever thought possible.

  • This is a book about Beliefs. In order to apply these principles, we much first change the way we think about money.

  • If you Learn and Follow the principles in this book, you will develop the wealth habit that it takes to make anyone wealthier than they ever dreamed possible.

"B.O.S.S Moves"
by Myron Golden


Learn The Business Optimization Success Secrets That Are Keeping You And Your Business From Exponential Growth.

This is a book about Success. Success is discovering the purpose for your life and doing it.

You will find your purpose at the intersection of your passion and proficiency. When you are doing what you were created to do, you will be successful.

Bible Success Academy


Never Be Broke Again

Learn These Bible Secrets And Never Be Broke Again...
Watch Bible Success
Listen to Bible Success Academy audios and watch the videos daily and learn the practical application of Bible principles...
Take Notes
Keep a journal of what you are learning and track your implementation and progress...

"Golden Mastermind Marketing Masters" Audio


Get Paid Like A Millionaire On Your Way To Becoming One!

The Virtual Millionaire Club has the most lucrative and generous affiliate commissions on the Internet!

"Make More Offers" Challenge


Myron Golden Ph.D. Presents

Discover the little known secret for producing the results your business has been searching for...

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